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About Us

Travelling doesn’t mean going distance, it means going a distance to know oneself. RAMBLE QUEEN specializes in tailor-made travel to fulfilling destinations around the globe. We assure a completely exceptional travel product along with high-quality travel experience. In addition to our travel packages, we are the designers of a completely customized application which provides our customers with an eccentric journey. Our application known as RAMBLE is a guide and security in itself. It navigates analysis the traveller’s experience and assures safety. 

Popular Tours


We at RAMBLE QUEEN all set up goals to travel to places alone or in the group but at the end, we get bound to go places which social media sites provide a guaranteed review or people usually say is good but it is quite possible that we are traveling in a session when no one did! RAMBLE is the friend which answers to your prayer. This service collects data from the entire source possible which speaks about places, traveling and experiences. It analysis the destination not just on the review obtained but based on the time spent at the destination, number of pictures clicked, the words were spoken and the videos uploaded describing the experience. So, when a traveller decided to visit a place RAMBLE will give a walkthrough experience about the history of the place, the events that has occurred in the past few days or weeks, the safety parameters which needs to be taken care and the actual possibility of entertainment one can have based on the real-time condition and reviews about the place. This App guarantees to provide correct guidance without misleading the traveller based on the past reviews.


RAMBLE QUEEN is a strong and well-respected brand in the travel industry and continues to provide excellent services to both individual travellers and other group travellers. Our company is proud of offering exceptional customer service and care and our professional staffs are trained to take care of each detail and aspect of the trip, ensuring that the customer’s travel experience is enjoyable and hassle-free. Along with the same, our RAMBLE app facility has a safety feature installed in it. In case the traveller while wandering off to places during the travel is in any sort of danger, by just saying keywords including danger, hospital, police and other can trigger the alarm and can call for help. The location tracker will provide the perfect location for the safety team to find the person in trouble thus assuring the safety of life.